I grew up in the rural Midwest with fresh, home-grown veggies at the table every night.  It was through this garden to plate experience that my fascination for food started.  I have vivid memories of these foods from the earth: the smell of sun-ripened tomatoes eaten like apples, and the pop of the corn kernels on the cob as I methodically chomped my way down the crisp, sweet rows.

In high school I realized how food and nutrition choices affected how I felt and looked and it was then that I became interested in how nutrition influences health.  My aha moment! I felt like I was born to be a Registered Dietitian.

Now, 25+ years later I still love what I do and am passionate about combining the science of nutrition in the body with fitness to produce optimal health, energy, vitality, and high performance.  I practice what I preach and show others how to enjoy the delicious tastes, textures and flavors of whole, nutritious foods that provide powerful health benefits.

I am a high energy person and love the challenge of blazing new trails and churning out innovative programs and custom services.  This has fueled the numerous ‘firsts’ I have achieved in my career. I was the:

  • first Registered Dietitian (RD) hired on by Evans/Kraft Advertising Agency
  • first Sports Dietitian (RD) hired by The Seattle Mariners Baseball Club
  • first Registered Dietitian for Fresh & Natural Pasta Co.
  • first in a select group of Registered Dietitians to develop corporate wellness programs for a multi-site worksite wellness research grant funded by the National Institutes of Health

People say I am down-to-earth, caring, encouraging and dedicated to helping them reach success.  I take a genuine interest in every client I coach and tell it like it is—no gimmicks—just answers based on accurate, up-to-date information.

Nutrition is a science that the media mistakenly portrays as simple with simplistic solutions.  Not so.  You can’t lose 10 pounds in a week, rub 20 years off your face overnight with a cream or give yourself 12 hours of high energy from a small bottle of liquid.  It would be wonderful if you could buy energy, health, youth and record breaking performances off the shelf at Walmart, but realistically this is not how it works.  I get frustrated seeing these rash and totally incorrect, hyped messages in the popular media derail people’s confidence in food and nutrition.  I can help you clear up the confusion and focus on personalized solutions for you that are backed by scientific research and proven to lead to better health.

I believe anyone can have a high performance life, but there is no one size fits all route to get there.  I work with your individual eating habits, food preferences, medical history, lab values, schedules, and listen to your past experiences and key motivators to help you create a lifestyle plan with strategies that work for you.

As an experienced Registered Dietitian with a Board Certification in Sports Nutrition (plus a former personal trainer & exercise instructor) and my current study to become a Certified Health Coach, my unique background provides the expertise needed to help you find real life solutions for lasting results.

Professional Memberships Include:

  • The Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics
  • Dietetic Practice Groups: Sports, Cardiovascular & Wellness Group | Nutrition Entrepreneurs Dietitians in Business & Communications
  • The American College of Sports Medicine
  • Professionals in Nutrition & Exercise Science
  • Collegiate & Professional Sports Dietitians
  • The Washington State Academy of Nutrition & Dietetics/ Board Member & Director of Communications