Individual Athletes – Customized Sports Nutrition Coaching (Via Telephone or Skype)

Peak Performance Nutrition Package – (3 Sessions with first session 1 hour and 15 minutes followed by 2 sessions 45 minutes each)

This foundational sports nutrition package is a must for every athlete who is serious about achieving peak performance in sports! It covers: Sport specific fueling and hydration plan, energy needs assessment, focused nutrition recommendations to achieve goals (weight gain, weight loss, building muscle mass, recovering from injury/surgery), pre, during and post event/competition fueling and hydration recommendations, sample meal plans, analysis of 3 day food record and food frequency survey to assess current nutrition and eating patterns, eating on the road, supplement review & education (if desired), analysis of body composition testing, nutrient timing for training, tips for boosting immune system & health, as well as sleep.  I will answer your sports nutrition questions and help you put together a plan to support your training, performance and health!

What Clients Are Saying About Me…..

Hunter Young, 16 years old, Premier Soccer Player
Working with Kim is helping me to get to my goal of a college soccer scholarship. I’m learning how to eat better and hydrate better for my sport. It’s given me the energy and confidence to practice & train harder and perform better on the field.