As a professionally trained media spokesperson, I am able to translate the latest nutrition research into simple messages that consumers can understand and use to make better decisions about food, nutrition, and health.  My polished image and clear, energetic and upbeat delivery style helps convey nutrition messages in a way that appeals & interests audiences.  I stay up on current news and trends in nutrition in both the popular lay press as well as scientific & professional journals and research.  I am passionate about helping consumers use updated information to make their health, energy and every day performance and enjoyment of life better.  My career experiences include public relations, food service and food industry consulting and corporate wellness and nutrition consulting work.  These diverse work experiences have helped me to better understand how to communicate effectively with consumers from all walks of life.

Contact me for an interview, television or radio appearance or quote on any nutrition, food or health-related topic and I will provide you with science-based information—within your deadline.

Public Speaking/Seminars

I am an energetic and engaging speaker and I convey my passion for my profession in every appearance I make.  I enjoy public speaking and am able to speak to your employees, groups, organizations, and clubs on a variety of food, nutrition & health topics in a way that motivates and inspires them to pursue better health.  My goal is to connect with my audiences in a real and entertaining way—to create a different mindset that frees people to begin making small, but positive changes in their lifestyle that lead to better health.  Creating a desire to know more about how food & nutrition affects our energy, health and quality of life is the first step towards awareness and real motivation to change follows.

A few presentation titles/topics are listed below.  I also develop custom talks/presentations for groups based on your interests and needs.  If you are looking for a custom presentation please contact me for a quote.  Price is based on size of group and length and type of presentation desired.

  • SPORTS NUTRITION: Keys To Reaching Optimal Training, Health & Performance
  • WOMEN’S HEALTH: What You Need To Know to Find Your Best Self
  • MEN’S HEALTH: The 10 Essentials for Preventing Heart Disease & Enjoying Life
  • THE 50 SOMETHING DIET: How to Age Well & Feel Great While Doing It!
  • 5 EASY STEPS TO TOTAL HEALTH: Creating a Positive Breakthrough Mindset Towards Food
  • BUILDING A BETTER BODY: Using Revolutionary Nutrition Strategies To Get the Body You Want
  • FACT OR FICTION: Cut Through The Hype about Trendy Diets like Gluten-Free, Wheat Belly and Paleo