As a reliable and credentialed health professional, I am uniquely qualified to help you create a road map for building a better body and better health! We will explore the walls preventing you from making healthy changes in your nutrition and exercise habits and turn those into windows of opportunity to get you to the health you‘ve dreamed of.  Your individual plan for total health will include essential nutrition & fitness tools for lifestyle changes and a new mindset that will propel you towards the lasting results you want.

I offer one-on-one nutrition and fitness coaching via telephone or Skype anywhere in the United States (within state licensure jurisdictions).  I also offer nutrition packages on single topics to help you manage special life situations for better health and better results.  Sessions and educational topics are supported by relevant and science-backed professional handouts.  Home visits are available by referral only and special rates apply.  Email me if you are interested in the convenience of meeting in the comfort of your home.  I look forward to meeting and working with you!


All sessions must be paid for on line before scheduling.  When session/s are purchased I will email you to set up our coaching session when it’s convenient for you.  Taking positive steps to improve your health in the comfort of your home or office was never so easy!

Initial Coaching Session – Includes but not limited to:

  • Nutrition & eating patterns assessment
  • Medical, health history & labs assessment
  • Evaluation of 3 day food record & food frequency questionnaire to identify nutrient deficiencies
  • Evaluate current fitness/activity plan to determine personal metabolic profile
  • Personalized plan to increase activity, improve fitness level, make body composition changes & achieve health goals (Using American College of Sports Medicine guidelines)
  • Relevant nutrition education & professional handouts and goal development for Personal Action Plan for Total Health (addressing nutrition, fitness, sleep & stress)


Add weekly email monitoring to keep you on track for just $125 a month! I will email you weekly to answer questions, motivate, inspire, and support your daily efforts!

JUMPSTART YOUR HEALTH FOR A NEW YOU! – (On-Line Package via telephone or Skype!)

Package of 3 (Initial I hour session above included + two 30 minute follow up sessions done weekly or biweekly)

This is a jumpstart to a health makeover that you have always thought about and a chance to see if coaching is for you.  I provide a road map and summary of the nutrition & fitness goals and recommendations we develop during our sessions.  Your questions and concerns will be listened to and answered so that you will feel empowered to move forward.  A great way to get unstuck and excited about becoming your best self!


NUTRITION TUNE-UP – (1 hour session via telephone or Skype)

An hour session that provides the foundation for improvement in your nutrition & fitness to reach your health goals! I will answer all of your personal lifestyle questions so you can walk away feeling confident in making specific and immediate changes for better health.  This session includes a 24 hour recall and assessment of your current nutrition and eating habits with customized recommendations that will help you reach your health goals.

COLLEGE NUTRITION 101 – (Package of 2 One hour sessions via telephone or Skype)

Essential Health Tools For a Successful Freshman Year: How To Look, Feel & Perform Your Best on Campus!

Every college-bound senior student needs to take this 2 session mini-course to make a personal plan for the rigors of college life and be empowered with the information & tools to stay healthy & maximize brain power! This is a reality check to address the dreaded freshman weight gain, maintaining fitness, and the importance of making sound health choices.  Let a professional do the educating on these important topics:  Goal setting and time management for prioritizing healthy habits, how to combat the “sit time” from studying that creates negative health effects, how to look & feel your best with high nutrient foods, choosing foods for energy, health and high performance (academic, fitness & sports), dorm snack essentials for a strong immune system, effects of negative habits (like sleep deprivation & alcohol) on health, smart nutrition navigating in the cafeteria, dining out, fast food, energy drinks and much more! Personal questions about nutrition, fitness and health will be answered so your son/daughter will have a leg up on what to do to survive and thrive in the first year of college!

The book “Eating Well on Campus” by Ann Selkowitz Litz is included in the package!

All sessions within packages must be scheduled and used within 3 months of purchase date.
No refunds or exchanges.  I do not bill insurance but would be happy to provide a super bill for the services rendered for you to submit to your insurance company.