Is sports nutrition the missing piece to your peak performance puzzle? It’s time to get results!

In addition to being a Registered Dietitian (RD), I hold a Board Certification in Sports Nutrition (CSSD)—the premier credential for sports nutrition in the country.  To learn more about what the CSSD certification means watch the video below, Sports Nutrition: Who Delivers?

I provide personalized sports nutrition advice for every sport that is backed by the latest research and science-based strategies for high performance.  I work with professional and amateur athletes, as well as every day fitness buffs who want to learn how to use food and fluids to maximize training, health and performance.  I specialize in working with high school athletes who are serious about taking their athletic skill development to the collegiate level or beyond.

I offer sports nutrition packages and one-on-one sports nutrition coaching via telephone or Skype.  I will help you develop an effective game plan that will enable you to reach your potential using proper nutrition, hydration & health boosting strategies.  All sessions include professional and understandable, educational handouts that will be sent electronically after session is completed. Home visits by referral only and special rates apply.  Email me if you would prefer the convenience and comfort of meeting in your home locally! After you choose the service you would like I will email you within 24 hours to send forms with instructions and to schedule your session.

Watch Sports Nutrition: Who Delivers?

What Clients Are Saying About Me…..

Jeff Kingston, The Seattle Mariners Baseball Club, Assistant General Manager
Kim’s passion and knowledge of nutrition is exceptional, especially as it pertains to athletes.  From her presentations to her one-on-one consultations with our players, to her revamping of our clubhouse kitchen menus, Kim had a big impact on our organization.  Our Major League clubhouse kitchen has improved 100% since Kim started working with our chef on both the food selection, as well as the food preparation. In addition, our players and staff have a much improved appreciation and awareness of their food intake and have benefited immensely thanks to Kim.

Teresa Flor, Mother of Sam Flor, Offensive Lineman, Washington State University
Our son, Sam, learned a lot from Kim’s sports nutrition coaching about how to fuel with food and fluids for better endurance, energy and overall performance on the football field.  It was a big help to him as he moved into his recruitment time in his senior year and supported his athletic efforts to gain a Division 1 Scholarship to Washington State University!

Ben Olszewski, Sting Ray Swim Club, Head Coach
In the spring of 2010, I wanted to get my athletes on the right track with their nutrition.  Kim Larson’s name came up as a highly recommended Sports Dietitian in the community.  I was fortunate to schedule a presentation with Kim to over 100 parents and swimmers from my team.  Kim delivered a highly professional talk that was motivational, informative, and instrumental in affecting dietary modifications by our athletes.  I believe strongly that the recommendations Kim suggested have resulted in drastic improvements in the health and performance of our swimmers.  Kim’s presentation is a permanent fixture on our annual calendar and I recommend her to anyone who is serious about seeking out the best way to fuel the body for success.