Teams – On-Site Team Talks/Presentations

Customized, engaging and informative on-site team talks get players educated and motivated to use food and fluids to their advantage to train & practice harder and improve performance! Knowing how to fuel for their particular sport is essential to every player—no matter what the team or individual sport is.  I provide lively, practical and interactive team talks or more formal power point presentations to larger groups of athletes, sports organizations, clubs, and Booster clubs.  I customize the length of time for each team (most are from 45minutes to an hour) and include a Question & Answer session for athletes to get their individual concerns/questions answered.  Professional, sport specific handouts on fueling and hydration are provided and other topics of interest are available, as well.

Cost varies with size of group, location and type of presentation desired.


Hydration Testing – (Using Urine Specific Gravity (USG) Testing Methodology)

Did you know that losing just 2% of your body fluid balance from dehydration translates into a 10% decrease in performance? I provide state of the art, accurate hydration testing for teams and individual athletes.  This is the same test that the Olympic Training Center uses on Olympic athletes.  This service needs to be scheduled in addition to the team talk or presentation to allow for adequate testing and analysis time (10 minutes per athlete).  With this objective measurement teams get an accurate assessment of hydration status of their athletes and are able to use this information to help develop hydration protocols for training and competition.  Individual athletes can use it to improve their hydration habits and learn how to monitor their daily hydration for better performance and prevention of injuries.

Comes with the hydration results and a chart on how to monitor daily hydration status & tips to improve fluid intake to avoid dehydration.

Individualized Hydration testing – $15 per athlete

Individual Hydration Coaching for teams

This is a follow up session to interpret results of hydration test, review hydration guidelines and create a customized hydration plan for each player/athlete.

Cost & time needed will vary with the size of the group, about 10 minutes per player.


What Clients Are Saying About Me…..

Andy Bottin, Minor League Coach, The Seattle Mariners Baseball Club
Kim attended spring training with The Seattle Mariners for several years and worked with our Minor League players to improve their nutrition while coping with the demanding lifestyle of a professional baseball player. I saw many positive outcomes in the players’ health and performance on the field as a direct result of the sports nutrition education and strategies they learned from Kim. I would highly recommend Kim for your organization.